Internet Forums


Newsgroups offer much help and advice on a myriad of subjects but the heat generated by overbearing and opinionated individuals often masks their usefulness. Forums, however, tend (note the qualification!) to be calmer places.

Useful forums include: Satellite Navigation Lots of advice on anything to do with satellite navigation. A corner of the Pocket GPS website which holds excellent reviews of GPS hardware, software and mapping tools. MGF and MG TF The Unofficial MG-Rover Forum: anything to do with the MGF and MG TF. One of the busiest MG forums. MGF and MG TF Anything to do with the MGF and MG TF. Saving Money Covers every conceivable aspect of saving money. Website also contains money saving advice and articles by Martin Lewis. A temptation to sometimes spend money after reading some of the posts. for Mailwasher Mailwasher troubleshooting Help and advice on using Firetrust's Mailwasher spam killer